Octopus Box Crack 3.0.7 Latest Setup & Loader Without Box Download 2021

Octopus 3.0.7 Crack 2021 All Octopus Tools Cracked for Repairing and Unlocking Free Download

Octopus Box Crack is a multi-brand multifunctional software solution for a variety of tasks. For example, unlock and flash and restore operations are performed on many phones. There are new and old departments for Samsung and LG phones. It also features a bilingual tool interface and advanced features, plus additional management capabilities for Mac and global operating systems.

Octopus Box Crack With Key Loader No Need Card Works

Octopus Box Crack is the latest standard operating solution. This program is updated once a week. Read and write entire flash files and calibration data. Manual options include details on using each type of feature. Connects quickly to peripherals. The program includes a standard common FTDI scheme for mobile services over a serial connection. Octopus Box You can also open the entire Flash file in binary format. You can easily use your new device in the list of supported models.

Octopus Box 3.0.7 Crack With Key Loader No Need Card Works 100%

Octopus Box Key is a mobile phone or phone that combines a basic JTAG interface with an inbox. It is the backbone of the versatile LG 900, Samsung 530, and 460 JTAG systems. Finally, NVM, IMEI, system, and camera restoration, as well as fix fixed issues. Stage A2 is fully supported.

Users can easily work with images and multimedia files through the system operating system. It helps to find user contacts, SMS messages, multimedia files, image file names, etc. Octopus Box Key is a simple and intuitive user interaction app. All types of users are easy to understand. The extrusion device of this program is affected by its function.

Also, the downloaded Rift Octopus supports new enhancements and the latest language packs and bank editors. Octopus Box Crack product is a professional tool to wipe and unlock your phone with your phone. Compatible with Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, and various phone devices via JTAG, USB, and MMC interfaces.

OctoPlus Box Latest Key Features:

  • Unlock and repair IMEI / Bluetooth.
  • Write firmware and read/calculate codes.
  • Write and read Flash fully also read/write GDFS.
  • Factory hard reset.
  • Repair WiFi and EFS address.
  • More, Reset pattern lock and Screen lock.
  • Fs formats.
  • Repair NVM also writes and reads it.
  • Edit advanced language and read, write, and repair EEPROM.
  • Repair and write, read security, TA, and also backup.

OctoPlus Box Hardware Features

  • Built-in JTAG PIN finder, USB CCID smart card reader, Unibox compatible, and RJ45 multiport.
  • Fast USB 2.0 high-speed hardware.
  • 24MHz JTAG speed.
  • Transfer speed of up to 1 MB / s.
  • Supports 1 and 4 bit MMC bus modes.
  • 20-pin JTAG interface.

Software functions

  • It supports full operations (read, write, and edit) through JTAG, MMC, and USB interfaces.
  • The smart and easy graphical user interface for beginners and experts.
  • Also, Users easily download files directly from the software in no time.
  • So Repair the target device through (SRF) Smart-Repair-Files.
  • SRF takes the necessary data and partition data that helps the files and diagrams.

OctoPlus Box Support software for multiple devices

  • HTC
  • Softbank
  • KTFT Ever (EV-W530)
  • INQ (Mini 3G)
  • Lenovo (A1000F, A3000F, A390, A6000, A706, A760, P780, S820, S856)
  • Motorola (MB200, MB501, XT615)
  • Micromax (A60, FPT V)
  • Huawei
  • Nokia (Lumia 520, Lumia 630 Dual SIM (RM-978), X (RM-980))
  • Sony
  • Sony Ericsson
  • TeXet
  • Toshiba

OctoPlus Box Support LG:

It is compatible with all LG series, from A series to X series:

  • A series
  • AS series
  • Series B
  • G series
  • GB series
  • CT series
  • BL series
  • Series C
  • CB series
  • CE series
  • CF series
  • CG series
  • DM series
  • Series E
  • F series
  • CU series
  • GD series
  • X series
  • D series
  • GC series

SAMSUNG support:

  • Galaxy S series
  • Galaxy Tab series
  • GT-5-series
  • GT-B-series
  • GT-C-series
  • GT-E-series
  • GT-S-series
  • GT-T series
  • J series
  • GT-I-series
  • GT-N-series
  • GT-P-series
  • SC-0-series
  • SCH-I-series
  • SCH-M series
  • SGH-B-series
  • SGH-C-series
  • SGH-I-series
  • SGH-M-series
  • SGH-S-series
  • SGH-T-series
  • SM-A series
  • SM-B series
  • SM-C series
  • SCH-N-series
  • SCH-R series
  • SCH-W-series
  • SCL series
  • SHV-E series
  • SHW-A-series
  • SHW-M series
  • SM-E series
  • SM-G series
  • SM-J series
  • SM-N series
  • SM-P series
  • SM-R series
  • SoftBank series
  • SPH-G series
  • SPH-L series
  • SPH-M series
  • SPH-W series
  • SM-T series
  • SM-W series
  • SM-Z series
  • T series
  • YP-G series


  • Fly3G


  • S1
  • S2


  • Zenfone 2 (Z00ED) 16GB


  • XCD35


  • Nuvifone A50

Cherry Mobile:

  • Crius
  • Q7A
  • Delirium


  • One-Touch 4030
  • OT-990
  • OT-X090S


  • GSmart G1345
  • G1342, GSmart G1310
  • HC-C2000
  • HC-C2076
  • GSmart Rio R1
  • GSmart G1317D
  • Haier

System Requirements

  • Windows: XP | View | 8,8.1 | 10 | 7
  • Mac: 10.11 is the best
  • Hard Drive: up to 1 GB
  • CPU: 2.6 GHz or higher
  • RAM: more than 4 GB

How To Download/Install OctoPlus Box Latest Version With Crack?

  1. Download Octopus Box Crack the latest version from our link Tool Pro Crack
  2. After download, extract it using WinRAR
  3. Now run your setup
  4. Done.

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